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Hey guys! Quite a huge update coming now. Sooo... Will made a twitcam this evening, and it was totally awesome! I mean seriously! He's such a kind and funny guy! And he was answering loads of questions.. So I asked him what was his favorite chocolate flavour, and I caused quite a bit of speechlessness (i'm sorry Will, but I have kind of an obsession with this question, i have to ask anybody for his/her favorite chocolate flavor!), in the end it was dark chocolate, i guess? Plus, Will does have a massive nut allergy, as he told the viewers. So, no nuts, or traces of nuts, if you should ever have a meal with him! My second question was, if he could trade places with any person in the world, with whom would it be? His answers was that he would probably trade places with Lionel Messi.

I made some screens during the twitcam, here they are!

Those are just a few of them, the rest will be in our gallery! Take a look!
Now here's the video of his twitcam! Enjoy!

If you don't see it at first try right click and then full screen. (If you're using Opera!) If it still doesn't work here is the link to the vid!

That's it from today!
Love, Kerstin

27.1.11 22:32

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