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New Design!

Hey everyone! As you can see I kind of change the design of the website... you have to know the last one was borrowed from someone. But this is now all self-made! There's still a bit trouble with the new Twitter-widget, but i'm trying to fix that ASAP!
Then, Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you enjoyed your day and have a good start in 2011. Remember: This year we're finally going to see Will in Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows part 2 !!!!!!! Don't miss it!
That's it for now. See you.
Kerstin am 1.1.11 16:57


Hey there! I've made some small changes on the website! First i've uploaded new pics and edited the gallery. That means if you click on "Pictures" you will only find one image, just click on it and you'll be redirected to our gallery. Second i opened a new Video section with all videos of Will. There are not all videos listed yet but i'll work on that! Last, on the right you can see a small picture, if you click on it you'll be redirected to our gallery. The picture will change as soon as there are new ones!
Now I hope everyone of you had wonderful Christmas and got loads of presents!
Kerstin am 27.12.10 15:41

Merry Christmas

Hello, just a very quick update to everyone! I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your day, spend some time with your family, or whatever you do... have a great time!
Btw, Will and the others finished re-shooting the Epilogue from DH part 2, which means that the filming of Harry Potter is now finally over... but of course, Harry Potter will never really end!
I will probably post some pictures Will took at the Studios later, or tomorrow!
That's it for now, have a wonderful rest of the day!
Love, kerstin
Kerstin am 24.12.10 18:05

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