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Quick update!

Hey guys! I've finally managed to install a littler widget on this website. It makes it easier for to follow Will's latest tweets and we don't have to update it all the time (: I also added a link to Will's youtube Account to the Navi (see it on the left!) You can find all his new videos there! Enjoy.
Now have a nice Sunday
Kerstin am 5.12.10 15:17


Hello again, have been working on this page quite a lot today and we have some new updates!
*New Profiles of Will, Aysu and me are now online
*New Pictures of Will
*New Header
*New Links

A lot of stuff, as you can see, but we're still not finishes, please be patient (: We were also planning to do an interview with Will but he said, that, unfortunately, he is not allowed to do one at the moment. But we will still collect your questions for him and then just ask him when he is allowed to give us an interview (: So please post your questions in our Guestbook or tweet them to @WeLoveWillDunn or @aysufelton or @Snookerprincess
Don't be shy ! it's your chance.
Love, Kerstin & Aysu

Kerstin am 20.11.10 17:12

First entry

Hello everyone!
This is the first entry ever of our newly created Website to support the young actor Will Dunn, who plays James Sirius Potter in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, coming out next July. If you like him and if you support him feel free to have a look around the website. And also if you have any questions please contact us! You can do that via Guestbook or follow us on twitter! Also follow Will himself on twitter, he is thankful for every support!
That's it for now, the website is still under construction, but i'll work on it and try to finish it as quick as possible, promise!

And now, have fun here! 

Kerstin & Aysu


willdunnsupport am 20.11.10 13:16

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